Before working with Ivy, I was lost in a sea of confusion. Trying to aimlessly solve my issues with confidence, continually I would jump on any bandwagon of whatever self-help trend came my way. Always wondering if there was a better way.
Admittedly not completely understanding what benefits coaching would provide, Ivy explained the process and made me feel at ease and comfortable with the different steps we would journey through. Ivy’s style of coaching was tailor made for me, which helped me understand and discover steps to help myself.
Our sessions were enlightening and helpful in resolving my issues with confidence.
I highly recommend Ivy’s style of personalized coaching to help you discover the path to enriching your life the same way Ivy’s guidance enriched mine.
Club Manager / Truck Driver
Montréal, Quebec

Coming from a place of mistrust and unwillingness to seek Help; for the thought that it a sign of weakness, I reluctantly reach out to Ivy and Sought out advise on certain subjects .
Coming from a place of mistrust and unwillingness to seek help, for the thought that it's a sign of weakness, I reluctantly reach out to Ivy and Sought out advise on certain subjects.
I was immediately put in a place of calming confidence.
Ivy is a wonderful person that just makes you feel like everything is going to turn out fine. She has this ability to listen and interject at the right time, antidotes, that are easily understood and facilitated. At first it reminded me of a dental visits, just not looking forward to it, I was completely satisfied and pleased in her ability to help me discover the inner strengths I seldom knew I had. Thanks Ivy

T.M , Security Supervisor , Montreal,QC

Before I met Ivy, I experienced a lot of anxiety due to work-related problems. This anxiety led me to feel unbalanced in two ways: being paralyzed when facing daily challenges and being inadequate in communicating effectively in social interactions which negatively impacted my surrounding relationships.
I tried conditioning myself with self-help materials but I quickly realized that this was not a substitution for Ivy, a coach who prides herself on the concept of identifying and refining; identifying opportunities and learnings so that the client can choose to refine their actions into purposeful meaning. Through Ivy, I realized that changing my actions would allow me to live a life of success and happiness.
I describe working with Ivy was like taking a journey through my thoughts with an experienced navigator. Like a ship, we went through one of the most dangerous seas to ever exist: my mind. My mind was full of pirates and whenever they would influence me to steer to dangerous waters, Ivy helped me to stay on course.
Ivy uses questions to help her clients realize the right action plan. Ivy does this by identifying a plan rather than giving a solution, allowing the clients to be involved in their choices. For me, this plan was to identify essential steps I needed to take to preserve and increase my gains in vital areas of personal and professional life such as physical health, career, and romance. This allowed me to realize that I needed to develop a set of core values to actualize inner and outer conflicts more effectively. In addition to Ivy helping me realize that all areas of life are interdependent, she also emphasized the importance of required action in creating a healthy routine to live a balanced life. Ivy makes sure that I am committed to taking necessary action steps to achieve my goals.
After my experience with Ivy, I developed a feeling that I could take charge of a version of myself that I felt existed briefly, during parts of my past life and fully embody it in my current and future life. Our sessions helped me realize the importance of taking control of your life and motivating inner dialogue to achieve your goals. For example, I know that the interactions with my daughter and friends are of higher quality when my procrastination is handled.
Before meeting Ivy, I felt unbalanced but now I feel as though I can confidently stand on my own. I would highly recommend Ivy’s coaching services to a wide range of people such as those who experience depression, mental health and/or a lack of motivation. Ivy's approach is result-oriented and relies on increasing the client's inner dialogue quality. In addition to seeing a difference in myself, other people are also seeing a difference as well. Ivy has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful.

Cagdas Tahaoglu, PhD in Finance, Montreal
I was very nervous because I had been feeling very overwhelmed with a lot of serious thoughts about some consequential decisions. I had never had coaching sessions, so I can’t compare... But the outcome was much much better than I could have hoped for.
It was really good…What I can honestly say is that as a result of the session I felt much more in control and empowered.
I was no longer a slave to the whims of my passing emotions. I felt more grounded. That feeling was really priceless for me, at that special time….
I think everyone will need some coaching at some point in their life.And I genuinely believe there is A LOT of need for this service in society. So I would definitely recommend your service to anyone who has come to the realization that he or she could benefit from an unbiased outsider who is trained and skilled at seeking,finding, and bringing out the inner strength that we all have.
We can’t find it in ourselves all the time. We all need help sometimes. What you do is tremendously valuable. And I would recommend it to anyone whom I think would be psychologically ready for reaching out for help in order to find the resources that he/she has inside of him/her.

Behrouz ShakeriFard, Former Energy Consultant, Toronto, On, Canada.
I felt confused, stressed out, and indecisive about different decisions [before the session but] I liked it (the session) because I found it a new way of coaching which is based on our own conclusion but with your direction, not to mention that it is interesting and fun.
I realized that I need to value my precious time more and I was successful in that aim.
I have a plan to study some computer courses and I also can manage my time better than before.
I am also not as impulsive as before which is a good sign because I used to act based on my feelings and now I am more sensible.
I will recommend this coaching to anyone who needs help and is interested to improve her/his quality of life.

M.R ...Tehran. Iran
Before our sessions, I would … get caught [up in] thoughts for longer [periods of] time. I didn’t know where they were coming from, and instead of letting the thoughts come and …investigating them thoroughly, I’d ignore or suppress them, or fight them to make them disappear. In times of uncertainty, I’d feel … a bit confused about how to work on this feeling of uncertainty.
Now, I remember moments from our sessions, and some of the outcomes that I have remembered and put into practice, and that gives some direction when looking at these thoughts, and knowing that I have started a process to overcome the effect of these thoughts and put them in the right place and context, so It’s alright that they come up, and what matters is to just listen to them and see if they’re asking me something.
I think you’re a great coach with open arms full of warmth, compassion, and understanding. I appreciate that you take the time to note things down and show them to me while talking. Making things visual, helped me to have a better overview of what’s also going on in my head!
I like that you also have our previous sessions in mind, and sometimes point out something I had said earlier, [ and help me ] confront …my thoughts and beliefs.
I write notes (even if it is not daily) much easier and acknowledge them as a pathway for myself into my mind, to make it easy to replace old patterns with new ones that are more aligned with my state of being and consciousness at the moment. It also makes me feel I’m not escaping anything (or being lazy) [when it comes to] my thoughts and feelings.
I started to be present more even when very strong feelings and not-so-nice thoughts arise. I let them come fully and know that I don’t need to fight them, get rid or ignore them to be content. I can try to see if I can be content, even in the presence of those thoughts and feelings.
It (coaching) made me see that I still get attached to either good or bad feelings and events, and now it’s time to face it, feel it, and become aware of my attachments. This has made me feel freer at the end of the day.
If someone asks, or if I see someone is troubled with the same type of issues I had, I will definitely recommend you!”

Arash.P, Musician and Organic Farmer, Denmark